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HYD 20000TL-3PH
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Product Full Description

Model Number HYD 20000TL-3PH
Battery Parameters  
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Battery voltage range 200V-750V
Rated Charge/Discharge Current 2*25A
Charging Steategy Follow BMS
Rated Charge/Discharge Power 20000W
Max Charge/Discharge Power 25000W<10min
Dc Connector/Quality MC PV Connector/2
PV Input   
The max Pv. input power 26600W
Max inpur Voltage 1000V
Start-up voltage 180V
MPPT operating voltage range 160-960V
Rated Voltage 600V
Full Power MPPT Voltage range 500V-850V
Max. Input Current 25A/25A
Max Short Circuit Current 32.5A/32.5A
MPPt Number/String Number of each MPPT 2MPPT/2+2 String
OFF-Grid Output  
Rated output Voltage 230V/400V(+-10%)
THDv @ full load 3%
Rate output current 3*29A
Max.Output current 3*43.5A<1min
Output frequency 50/60Hz
Rated output power 20000W
Parallel connection yes
Single phase output yes
AC treminal 5 p Terminal Block

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